Dec. 25th, 2009

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L wakes curled against Misa's back, his arm wrapped around her, cradling her stomach. The room is blurry for a moment before details begin to emerge; then it becomes obvious that everything is wrong.

The room is generally dark, but brightened by the cool false daylight that streams in through the windows. Now the light is cold and bright, and he can see that there's snow on the outside of their windowpanes. The room itself had been decorated in black, grey, and red when he went to sleep (restful, he thinks, though he would prefer something lighter); it has transformed into what he supposes is meant to be a holiday wonderland, with touches of red and green and gold. Their garnet velvet bedspread, for example, is now dark green. What had been black wood in their furniture has changed, as if touched by Midas, into muted antique gold. The mantel over the fireplace has a garland of real holly leaves and berries, and in the open walkway between the bedroom and the living room, a ball of mistletoe hangs from the ceiling.

The small Christmas tree in the corner of the room, between the fireplace and the bathroom door, is expected; Misa dragged it there and set it up a week earlier. Everything else is a surprise.

This isn't the first time it has happened; the room changed when she moved into it, and went entirely white for about twenty-seven hours or so after they bound themselves to each other. But this is the first time the decoration has happened as the result of a holiday, and he wonders if perhaps they should find a new room.

The room has been relatively benign apart from that, though, so he pushes the thought aside, angles his neck, and kisses just below her ear. "Misa, it's time to wake up."

It's her twenty-first birthday.

[Happy birthday, Misa! Thread is private to [ profile] firm_detective and [ profile] misamisal. No serious adult content, just fluff. Translation: May you live forever.]


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