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It's an ordinary evening. L is curled on his side on the sofa, reading The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, while Misa makes herself a cup of cocoa in their tiny kitchen.

"It's interesting: Gibbon attributes much of the fall of the Empire to degeneracy within the Praetorian Guard. Is there enough hot water for a cup of tea?"

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::She smiles, having boiled plenty of water for he and herself::
Of course. What kind would you like?

Date: 2009-01-05 05:41 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Hm. Earl Grey, if we still have any.

*He pauses, then corrects himself.*

No -- wait -- I think I would prefer cocoa.

Are you going to settle in to read, or were you planning to play another of those locked room games?

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Actually, I was reading about a video game that's rated pretty difficult. I was thinking of looking into that a little, it seems interesting. When the main character dies, he's revived and more of the plot is revealed.

::By the time she's finished, both cups of cocoa are finished and she's just dropping a few small marshmellows into the hot liquid. Carrying them over to the sitting area, she holds one out to L::

Here you are.

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*He does not point out the parallels between that and what seems to be the story for so many of his doubles, except that they are not revived -- not in their own worlds, anyway.*

Yes? Will you go ask the wish room for a copy, or -- ?

*When she brings him the cocoa, he smiles up at her, rearranges his body so that he can drink it.*

Thank you.

*He inclines his head to indicate the space next to him on the sofa.*

Date: 2009-01-05 07:25 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
::Sitting beside him, she begins to sip at her hot cocoa, smiling::
I'll check the video game room, first. If I can't find a copy, then yes, the wish room.

Though, I was thinking of going through my camera again. I took some pictures recently in the different outdoor rooms and I haven't reviewed the shots yet.

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*A strange, secretive look passes across his face, and is gone almost as soon as it has arrived.*

I would like to see them.

*He takes a sip of his cocoa. He prefers it made in the proper way, with milk and melted chocolate in a cocoa pot, topped with sweet, freshly whipped cream, but the instant version is also appealing. The melting marshmallows bob on the surface.*

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::Smiling widely she turns to look at him::
You would? Alright then.

::setting her hot chocolate down, she makes her way to the bedroom they share, returning rather quickly with her small, silver camera, turning it on and flipping through the pictures to get to the beginning of some beautiful forest shots; sunlight pouring through different gaps in the trees to fall on a small meadow of wild flowers, old tree so strangely grown they look as if they have eyes looking in all different directions, a cliff over looking a small stream with animal foot prints along the sandy shore. The pictures are from all different seasons and of many different plant and animal subjects as well as secret shots of the inhabitants of the mansion, all candid yet somehow pulling out a deeply personal feeling. It's hard to imagine that many f them had been taken the same day.::

::Upon sitting back next to L, she hands him the camera::
Here, you can look while I get settled again.

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*L comments on the pictures as he flips through them.*

You have found a number of interesting things -- look, there's Mel and Mail, and there is Pink-san, and -- you found a live rabbit? Goats, too. Be careful about the rooms you go into, Misa.

*After a moment's reflection, he speaks again, his tone bland.*

Something is missing, though.

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::Picking up her hot cocoa, she snuggles next to him, smilng as he comments and flips through the pictures::
Thank you! Yes, I was very excited to find the animals.

::she turns to him now, her head tilted slightly::

What is it?

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We should visit the room, sometime, if you think we can find it again safely.

*He develops a hint of a smile, then begins to fiddle with the camera, and answers her question in an offhand manner.*

Pictures of Amane.
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Yes, that sounds wonderful.

::a smile spreads across her face and she laughs::

You think so? ;)

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*He examines the settings on the camera, then holds it to his face, aiming at her, craning his neck to look down at her as he normally would if they weren't sitting.*

Yes. Please smile.

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::Pulling the mug away from her face, though it's likely still in the picture, she smiles, the only kind of smile she could show to him, a smile full of love and happiness and adoration::

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*The camera makes the sound of a clicking shutter, and flashes; he examines the screen and finds the result satisfactory. Lowering the device to rest on his knees, he widens his eyes and says to her,*

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Sure! ::suddenly her face brightens, as if a lightbulb went on over her head::

Wait a minute. I want to get a picture in the new outfit you gave me. I'll be right back!

::setting her mug of have consumed hot cocoa down, she scampers into the other room, quickly throwing off her clothes and replacing them with her new outfit::

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*He sets down his empty mug, and sits to wait for her, holding the camera.*

*After a moment, a disconnected, numb feeling begins to come over him. His first reaction is to frown; he tries to put his feet on the floor, but finds he can't move. He calls out:*


*Before he is able to finish the word, he is gone; the mug and his open book are the only evidence that he had been in the room at all.*
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::she was on her way back to the room when she heard his voice, a strange note in it. Quickly, she runs into the room to find....nothing. Nothing but his book and his mug of hot cocoa near hers. A slightly shocked look comes over her face as she slowly approaches where he was sitting. Falling softly to her knees in front of the sofa, she gently touches her hands to the material. It's still warm, and the door is still locked. He couldn't have left on his own. He wouldn't have left on his own without telling her, especially just now.::
Oh God...oh God, this can't be happening...

::She lays her head down on the cushion, her eyes closed tightly, top teeth biting into her bottom lip, hands clenched. Suddenly, it feels as if there's a numbness inside her. She stands, walks over to the the sink, pulls out a bottle of cleaning solution beneath and squirts it into the sink and begins to scrub, as if her life depended on it, focuses so deeply on the task.::
I'll have to do the bathroom after this, too...


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