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Perhaps the Mansion is nice sometimes. Recognizing that L's old room is not quite right for Misa to share with him, the single bedroom has been expanded into a suite overnight.

Many elements have been reorganized: for example, the bathroom and closet now mirror their former position in the old single room, and the monitors have been replaced by a thick glass dividing wall between the old room and the new one. Curtained windows have been added in both rooms that look out onto a scene similar to that shown by the window in Misa's room, and the fireplace, miniature kitchen area, and much of the furniture are all new. The predominant color scheme is still grey, black, and dark red.

[[Please refer to the old bedroom post for furniture descriptions, etc. Tables, desk, and bookcases are all dark wood, upholstery is mostly dark red velvet, walls are charcoal grey. Flooring is wood, painted glossy black, and the rug in front of the fireplace is a shaggy flokati. I left the windows out of the living area, but they should be on the same wall as those in the sleeping area, on either side of the dining table. The food-prep area is only large enough to make tea, with a miniature refrigerator and a bar sink, and includes no oven of any kind. L's nightstand no longer has the refrigerator concealed in it.]]


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