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I've come across a few interesting character creation sheets, for both RP and fiction writing (which have a lot of overlap). Since I seem to be sharing the links with others a lot via AIM this week, I thought I would just make a post of links to the ones I found interesting.

If you're making an app or doing these as a meme, it's possible that not every question will be relevant to your character, but they're worth thinking about.

The Character Questionnaire: 384 character development questions from Roleplaying Tips Weekly

Character Questionnaire: Attributes and background, but also some reactions and moral dilemmas to consider. Originally from Independent Film and Video Chicago; that site is gone now, so I've dug it up out of the Internet Archive and posted it over at [ profile] eru_dition.

Character Sheet: Originally from; that site has vanished, so I've typed up my print-out. Similar to the one at IFV Chicago, but with less emphasis on "What if"-type questions

Blank Character Sheet: at Scribd, this one is my favorite, because the questions aren't too out-there, answering them will genuinely help you, and it's formatted to be downloadable and printable so you can fill it out in your spare time.

A Blank Character Sheet for Anyone: from Total RP, not as many categories as some of the others, but also not as many specific questions. (Might be good for making the kind of profile you put on your character's LJ profile page.)

[[Actually posted September 8, 2008 -- just wanted it off of my front page.]]


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