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L sits at the kitchen table, considering recent events and idly picking at a bowl of fruit salad with his fork. Every so often, he sips from a cup of tea.

It has been a quiet day.

[Translation: the war of all against all. Private to [ profile] isalright and [ profile] firm_detective, for the time being.]
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It has been most of a full day since the fight in the previous post.

A morose [ profile] emo_raito lies in bed, refusing to get up; he is very far over to his own side, almost on the edge, although the bed itself is wide. He has, however, left room for his laptop computer, which is open in front of him. A close observer will note that, although his eyes are carefully pointed at the screen, he's actually just staring into space. Belle and Sebastian's "The Boy Done Wrong Again" blares from the computer's speaker. When it ends, it loops over and begins again.

Meanwhile, [ profile] firm_detective is on his own side of the bed, crouched, with his back resting against the headboard. He's also staring at a laptop computer, one that rests on the mattress in front of him; he appears to be reading something. The top of the small refrigerator that passes for his nightstand is covered with a number of plastic snack cups, most of which formerly held chocolate pudding or fruit; there is also an empty frosting container. These have all been stacked to form a series of short towers.

Once in a while, his gaze flickers resentfully over to [ profile] emo_raito's back. Every few times the song starts over, he sets his teeth, or takes a deep breath to stifle the words he wants to say.

Finally, he snaps, "If you continue to listen to that song for
another six hours, will it -- at some point -- become exponentially less grating?"
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We found the kitchen, thanks to the kindness of the Amane I've met here.

More pertinently, we found strawberry cheesecake. I did not, however, have much time to savor the strawberry cheesecake.

The German prostitute Mihael accompanied us to the kitchen. We conversed for a while; it was reasonably pleasant.

Interesting to have things in common with a prostitute: neither of us jumped through the common educational hoops, albeit for opposite reasons; we each started working at a young age; I was orphaned, and he might as well have been.

I enjoy nothing more than my work, though, and I do not have the impression that the same can be said for him, in spite of the fact that he's full of pride. 

Things turned unaccountably nasty when Yagami once again began to complain about his confinement, probably because Mihael was... sympathetic. Light went too far... not for the first time... but this time, I lost my temper.

At that point, Mihael went on the offensive, to the degree that I could have divulged every detail of the Kira case, and he still wouldn't have been satisfied with my reasoning.

So... I stopped talking. I'm not going to compromise my work with my own desire to win an argument. Others continued the conversation, and eventually, Mihael became frustrated, and left.

Now I'm just exhausted, and I want to try to find a bedroom where I can sleep... even better, where I can make a new base.


I'm hoping that there will be the satisfaction I anticipated in the resolution of this case, but my hopes for that kind of denouement decrease by the day.

Furthermore... physics now suggests to us that there are infinite parallel worlds, each created in the moment when one alternative is chosen over another, some with slight variations from our own, others incomprehensibly different. In this place, the worlds must somehow be overlapping: it's the only explanation for what I've seen that approaches the realm of the reasonable. 

I haven't spoken to a large number of people here, but one thing has become obvious: among the people I've met from a world where there is a Kira and I am Kira's pursuer, the end is the same every time. Light Yagami regains his memory of being Kira, gains his freedom, and achieves my death.

Now, in spite of what Amane said when she attempted to console me... I would be amazingly stupid to remove the handcuff, wouldn't I.


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