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Misa steps into the room with L following. He is now quite a bit shorter than her.

He flops down on the sofa. After he's situated, he stares at her with big, dark eyes.

"I know I can still read books, but Misa, would you read to me later?"

He has been trying to hide his fear from most of the adults he's encountered, to greater or lesser degrees of success, but he doesn't feel like he needs to hide it from her.

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L has stumbled into an age-reversal room on accident, and is now 8 years old. He is 4'5" tall, weighs about 55 lbs, and has a face that is all eyes. He is expressive of a few emotions, but makes transparent attempts to cover most of them. His speech is more "British" than it is as an adult, and has lost some of its other characteristic patterns. The overall impression he gives is that of a bright little boy who may sometimes be both too serious and too calculating for his age.

His memories are jumbled. He knows who most of the people in the Mansion are, but very few details of the Kira case. Things that happened more than about a week ago feel far away in his memory, while things that happened in early childhood are more present. He is right around the age he was when he met Watari, and as such, is more inclined to miss his parents.

His feelings towards Misa are also different: he has a strong preference for her, but it's a child's love for a favorite adult.]]
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L sits in his room, one hand holding open a copy of Mann's Zauberberg, the other clutching the plastic snack cup of strawberry pudding which he is lazily consuming between pages. His laptop idles in the background, playing Gould's early recording of The Goldberg Variations.

He is becoming amused with the parallels between his own situation and that of Hans, the protagonist of Mann's novel, who lives in a large Swiss sanatorium for a number of years. But at least the Mansion does not force all its guests to sit outside on balconies in the frigid Alpine air for hours at a time, and no one here is consumptive....

There is a soft, tentative knock at the door.

[[This thread is private to [ profile] firm_detective and [ profile] misamisal, but if you want to hop in on it for some reason, let me know.]]
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[[This thread is private to [ profile] firm_detective, [ profile] commeo, and [ profile] misamisal.]]

The bedroom looks mostly as it usually does, with one alteration: L is alone in it, but he is not using either of the computers. The Powerbook is closed and charging next to the desktop computer. A feminine-looking bag is on the floor next to the nightstand near the entrance, but [ profile] misamisal is not around at the moment.

Instead of working at a keyboard, he's lying on his back on the sofa, with a pillow under his head; his knees are bent, and he has a book propped up on them. In fact, there is a stack of four more books on the coffee table, nearby, along with a pot of tea nestled in a towel, a full teacup, a few more clean teacups, and a small plate of cookies.

He's never had this much free time in his life; he's run out of notes to reconstruct related to the Kira case, and doesn't feel like working on any of the academic writings with which he sometimes busies himself. If he were at home, he'd be looking for new cases, but that's not possible here... so he has resorted to entertainment. On a whim, he's stopped in a library room and chosen a few things that looked like they might be interesting.

The stacked books are: The Magic Mountain (in German), Swann's Way (in French), Gravity's Rainbow, and Another Chacha. He's reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, in Japanese.


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