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L is still resting, gathering his strength, pondering everything he now knows and how it ties into his own situation. He's sitting on the sofa, now, staring down at his toes as he wiggles them against each other.

His information about the illness may have doubled in the past 12 hours, but it hasn't done a thing for his pain, nor has it stopped the green discharge that occasionally drains from his ears and nose, and down the back of his throat.

He nestles into his blanket and sighs.

There's another knock at the door, and he answers it with, "You might as well come in."

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L is still resting in bed. He's recovered from the shock of the hallucination he experienced earlier that day, and has been turning the problem over and over in his mind, considering Mello's suggestions carefully.

The particular difficulty of the dilemma is not its strangeness: he finds that if he broadens what he's willing to accept, it simplifies things drastically. It's that, once again, he's sure the puzzle is missing a few crucial pieces. He can guess at what they might be, but there are several possibilities, and he can't yet be sure. He worries that his time will run down to nothing before he works them out.

There's a knock at the door.

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It is now becoming difficult for L to perform even simple tasks, so he takes a certain point of pride in brushing his teeth several times each day. He loads the toothbrush with care and a trembling hand, then painstakingly cleans his mouth, spitting the greenish foam into the sink when he's finished. His gums bleed green sometimes, too, but the mint of the toothpaste clears some of the taste of the discharge from the back of his throat.

His meeting in the kitchen with Beyond, the other night, has been constantly on his mind. The ghost is the illness, the illness is the ghost, and both are something else... something larger.... The obvious answer is "a trick of the Mansion" -- but this seems to go far past that.

So, this morning, he squeezes the white toothpaste onto the brush, concentrating on it closely (only losing a small dollop to the counter), then raises his gaze to the mirror over the sink as he raises the brush to his mouth.

The brush falls to the countertop, unused.

In his place in the mirror, staring back at him, is the corpse from the kitchen and the hallway. Half of its forehead and one side of its jaw have caved in, and its chest and abdominal cavity are a gaping wreck. Everything is drenched in a layer of green slime, but what can be seen of the skin has a greenish rash, here and there.

Please... please....
the face in the mirror begs through its ruined mouth.

L claps his shaking hand to his mouth, but his reflection doesn't do the same. Instead, it smiles.

The bathroom is a good size, but he's certain he's alone in it. The room reflected in the mirror, though, is packed with people, all him. L as he was before he fell ill, L as he would look if he'd hung himself. L with slashed wrists, L in a straitjacket, L with his head shaved, electrodes attached to the sides. L rotting in his grave and an L made of ashes, which quickly collapses. L grinning, his shirt drenched with blood. An L burned almost beyond recognition, and Ls covered in scars, from burn scars to knife scars to whip scars. L with a bloody bandage where his eyes should be. What might have been L, once, but is now a mess of skinned red flesh.

He takes a step back from the mirror, horrified, but someone catches him by the arm -- it's a large hand, veined, with a strong grip, coming from behind the shower doors.

He wrenches himself away -- the hand is gone, suddenly -- and falls to his knees. The pain has intensified to a point where it's almost unbearable.

He vomits on the floor. It's mostly green slime.

He calls out for someone -- someone, please help. Please.

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[[continuation of personal log related to epidemic in Mansion]]

Tuesday -- More pain. Burning pain. Fever receding, occasioanl flare. Breathing problems.
- After I completed entry, Near (blind) dead. Ruptured thoracic and abdominal regions. green. like body in kitchn. illness's ultimate conclusion.
- I am dying. my pain points to it. ridiculous way to die.
- visits: Mello, Watari, Pink-san. Loose ends tied.
- M. sicker than I thought. Green patches on back. Wants to make deals. Love her.

Wednesday -- Continuation & escalation of symptoms.
- Went to kitchen for an hour in the evening.
- **Beyond is well again.** no longer averse to watari eithr.
- Elle: discussion, Light worse (gr discharge), child Mello hallucinates but no other symp, something weird abt B visit friday?,
**WHY AREN'T THE CHILDREN ILL** (epidemiology)
- Feeling -- being watched

Thurs -- Same. feel watched when alone -- motor control deteriorating
- Kitchen again -- met new Near
- mihael v sick -- discharge -- kira near v sick -- still active
- visit from Light, surprise @ his concern

fri -- same -- always more pain -- watched
- stayed in bed exc visitors
- misas eyes gr now -- why?

sat -- same, worse -- breathing
- hallucinatn in hall. gurney. slime. body disappears. dead end but it vanished?
- help from mel, talk -- *WHY DID EVERYONE GET SICK @ SAME TIME?**
- ghost? devil?

sun -- same as sat
- met new 2x int conv
- conv w pink in kitchen -- promises re M -- my theory of illness (such as is)

mon -- same, alws increasing
- mihael dead, light tkng badly
- B in ktchn -- claims 3rd death.


mockery -- why? wants to keep me alive to "give me a chance" --
mind playing tricks?
my sins?

tues -- same pain increasign watched
- sleeping, thinking
depends on me, sins, what is the cause??? "too slow"

why why why why w
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L has been asleep through most of the day, but now that he's awake, he finds that he wants a cup of hot tea. He doesn't want to wake Misa, so he leaves a note, and decides to take a walk to the kitchen. Someone or other there will probably help him, and the change of scene might improve his mood.

He could walk to this particular kitchen with his eyes closed, yet as he takes one slow step after another through the corridors, he begins to feel disoriented. The pain in his chest and abdomen never fades, and his hands are shaking... is the fever coming back yet again?

He turns the corner that he's absolutely certain should take him to the kitchen in a few dozen feet, but instead, the hallway dead-ends about three yards ahead of him. Only one flickering bulb illuminates it.

Just at the end of the hall is a hospital gurney; it looks as if it has been abandoned. There's a body on it, covered with a white sheet.

Frowning, he approaches the gurney, then grasps the corner of the sheet to lift it. Just as he does so, there's a squelching noise, and viscous green slime begins to drip off the bed's surface, sliding down the legs of its frame, plopping onto the floor.

The body -- or whatever was giving the sheet the shape of covering a body -- has vanished: there's nothing but a pool of slime.

He takes a few involuntary steps back, hits the wall, slides down until he's sitting on the floor. The impact makes him cough, there's a pressure at the bridge of his nose, and his upper lip is suddenly wet.

He raises the back of his hand to his nose, wiping with it.

It comes away green.

When he looks back at the gurney, he sees that both it and the dead end are gone: he sits about twenty feet from the door to the kitchen.

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*Although L's visits to the kitchen were brief, and he remained seated the entire time, they took a lot out of him. He's napping, while Misa has gone to the kitchen to fetch a late dinner.*

*A new symptom has appeared: a rash, darker green, on his chest over his heart. He is dozing, but his hands are shaking.*

*The door is unlocked.*

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It's late Tuesday night.

After Misa fell asleep, L slipped out of bed, sat on the sofa with an extra blanket wrapped around him, and attempted to create a record of recent events.

His motor control is poor tonight, and typing was difficult, but for the moment, he is satisfied enough with the imperfect document he managed to create. It has the information: the most important thing.

He walks, wavering, back to the bed, where he nearly collapses between the sheets. What began as discomfort in his abdomen is now pain; it's also in his chest, and his breathing is beginning to be affected even when he is not exerting himself. The medication Misa brought helps, but not enough. It's weak.

He props himself against his pillows and watches her sleep, wondering how many more nights he will have left in which to watch her, the dark and shining half-moon of her eyelash against her pale cheek, the soft susurration of her breath. Already, he knows that certain things between them are probably over -- almost the first thing to be taken away by this illness.

He's still staring at her when the interruption comes.

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I cannot type so well, my hands hurt and they are shaking, but its the first opportunityh i've had to make a record of what is happening. (me and everyone else.) on sofa, blanket, misa asleep in bed. concern for her and for myself; everyone. PAIN (abdominal, chest -- lungs?). May be important to assemble notes.

Began to experience iiregularities more than a week ago, on Sunday. My hearing -- on the way to the kitchen, met a new B. Stranger than most, which is saying something. couldnt hear everything said to/around me. auditory hallucinatns? disasscoiation?

Monday -- episodes continue. fatigue.
- Rose garden room. Light (bassist) -- ill, hears things, dreams. Near. hostile Mello -- from lights world. B had told me Light told him something was going around -- light denied.
- met new Near who claimed to be android, also a melllo and a light -- all w/o incident.

Tuesday -- more fatigued. green. weakness. motor control.
- another new B. v innocent.
- female Light -- false protestations of concern -- good cake.

wEdnesday -- more. more. more. dizziness began.
- new Matsuda. Light lost. if we get past this, want to consider it further. distracted during conversation, thought i saw -- what was it? can't remember.
- FOUND BODY IN KITCHEN. green slime. decomp. spoke begging for help. ruptured, sprayed mello, me. near slipped in slime. many people in room. something about footprints? can't remember. showered as soon as I could and disposd of clothing.

weds or thurs -- walked with Beyond (is harmless for now) -- slime in sugar bowl. vanished. beyond sick -- fevers, dizziness. afraid of watari, says he "makes ppl disappear." -- does he know I make ppl disappear.? gave me health lecture.
**Illness worse w/ contact to things/people?**

Thursday -- more. more. more. more. all more extreme. fever. urgency -- tried to finish what I could.
- 3rd new B of week -- call him Cipher. fragile.
- had long convesration with Elle (inexperienced). asked him -- keep eyes open & report if necc. watch light.
- kitchen. spoke with mel. can't remember much -- something abt red near?
- also spoke w. Mihael. **CONTAGIOUS** -- green discharge symptom -- eyes, mouth. Near sick.
- Went to bar to talk to Red Near. Cannot remember why -- almost delirious.
- **Lost consciousness after returning to kitchen.** High fever. Bathed & carried back to room by a number of people. (Watari, first new B, and ? can't remember.) Humiliating.

(Room location now seems common knowledge?)

Friday -- all symptoms. Slept. High fever fluctuates. Abdominal pain.
- M very worried. I did what I had to, think she understands.
- B who helped came to visit. Feels like a dream -- I remember little.

Saturday -- all symptoms. Slept. Fever down. More pain. Hiding it from M for now.
- Mello visited. Is caring for Near -- Odd.
- Misa sick. Her hand is green and cold.

Sunday -- all symptoms. Less dizzy, less fever. More ab pain. Pain in chest. Still sleeping.
- Pink-san visited -- worried. Lectured me (as if there arent 10 Ls here).
- Misa sicker than I thought. Green in her eyes, on her back. Still wants to nurse me. Hate that she is suffering.
- Late at night -- body in corridor, repteition of events in kitchen. Do not think Misa experienced similar event.

Monday -- further lessening of initial symptoms. fever fluctuates with body ache. More pain.
- Watari visited. I was honest. Found obv heart murmur.

Today -- More pain. Burning pain. Fever receding, occasioanl flare. Breathing problems.

Do not know how much time I have -- must get out of room as soon as I can. Even an hour at a time -- two -- enough, my hands are shaking
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In spite of the events of the previous evening, L slept well, and still seems to be on the mend. However, his temperature occasionally undergoes wild fluctuations, and his skin has not lost the very faint greenish tinge under its pallor.

He's resting in bed, waiting for Misa to return from the kitchen again and trying to focus on the text in Gravity's Rainbow (a book that he suspects that even he might find difficult to follow when well, let alone with a fever), when someone knocks on the door.

He sets the book down, splayed open on its pages, and calls out,

"Who's there?"

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It's now been several days since he collapsed in the kitchen, and L is sitting up in bed, with his legs stretched out in front of him, crossed at the ankle. The improvement in his health continues.

His Powerbook is open on the bed beside him, but he's ignoring it, in favor of eating a snack cup of mixed fruit. The document onscreen appears to be a series of lists.

There's a knock at the door.

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It's the morning after the visit from B, about thirty-six hours after he lost consciousness in one of the kitchens, and L is still in bed.

At the moment, he is awake, sipping a cup of tea, trying to think past his fever. A few books (Du côté de chez Swann and Gravity's Rainbow) sit neglected on the nightstand.

There is a knock at the door.

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L lies in bed, listless, half-asleep, with aches, chills, and a bad headache.

In the previous few days, in spite of his deteriorating health, he'd done his best to gather information about the strange new events that have been plaguing the Mansion. But he's not superhuman -- not by a long shot -- and his protestations of being "fine" were finally proven to be the lies they were.

The night before, he'd fallen unconscious in one of the kitchens -- the same one, in fact, where he'd found the decomposing corpse a few days earlier. Fainting was accompanied by a rising fever. Fortunately, a number of people were around, and a few of them made sure he was carried to a nearby bathroom, where his temperature was lowered in a cool bath.

After he regained consciousness, several of the people who assisted him also helped to carry him back to his room and get him to bed, under Misa's direction. It's not a choice he would have made if he were well, but he'll deal with the repercussions later.

He's been sleeping a lot today, still feverish. He rests against the pillows, eyes his abandoned snack cup of oranges on his nightstand, and closes his eyes against the light from the bathroom. Misa is insistent that he needs a cool drink, so she's gone to fetch something from the kitchen, and for the moment, he is alone.

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It's late at night. L unlocks the door of his room, trailed by Misa, who is wearing a long, old-fashioned nightgown.

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