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It's late Tuesday night.

After Misa fell asleep, L slipped out of bed, sat on the sofa with an extra blanket wrapped around him, and attempted to create a record of recent events.

His motor control is poor tonight, and typing was difficult, but for the moment, he is satisfied enough with the imperfect document he managed to create. It has the information: the most important thing.

He walks, wavering, back to the bed, where he nearly collapses between the sheets. What began as discomfort in his abdomen is now pain; it's also in his chest, and his breathing is beginning to be affected even when he is not exerting himself. The medication Misa brought helps, but not enough. It's weak.

He props himself against his pillows and watches her sleep, wondering how many more nights he will have left in which to watch her, the dark and shining half-moon of her eyelash against her pale cheek, the soft susurration of her breath. Already, he knows that certain things between them are probably over -- almost the first thing to be taken away by this illness.

He's still staring at her when the interruption comes.

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It's now been several days since he collapsed in the kitchen, and L is sitting up in bed, with his legs stretched out in front of him, crossed at the ankle. The improvement in his health continues.

His Powerbook is open on the bed beside him, but he's ignoring it, in favor of eating a snack cup of mixed fruit. The document onscreen appears to be a series of lists.

There's a knock at the door.

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About a week ago, I found Pink-san sobbing in a hallway. It came out through the conversation that his Bs were missing and that it was affecting his sanity. Even insofar as I cannot imagine relying on another person as much as that, his behavior was disconcerting, and I found myself worried for him. I've kept my eyes open for him, and for Beyond, but was unable to find either of them. I've never met the other B.

The other night, I ran into Pink-san again; I think this was Misa's first time seeing him in his new state, and it was hard for her.

There are new worries, thanks to that meeting. B -- the B from my world -- has somehow convinced Pink-san that he's the missing B. I have done what I could to warn him off. Pink-san, however, accepts him and seems grateful for his company. Lex asked us to do what we could to help him.

I am more concerned than I can say: it is difficult to willingly leave a friend with someone I know to be dangerous. I've made B aware of my stand, but without Pink-san's cooperation, my hands are tied.

If he can love two Bs and they can love him in return, without apparent harm, there is the smallest possibility -- really infinitesimal, I'm afraid -- that the B I know may follow suit. But I don't believe that will be the case, and I don't know what he has in mind, and all I can do is try to keep my eyes open for Pink-san and check on his welfare every day.
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After last night's confusion, I want to make a point of writing everything else that happened.

Keeping mostly to myself in this room has become dull, and I'm still not certain where Mihael and Light have run off to, so last night, I joined a large group of people in their weekly celebration at the bar. Talking to the other inhabitants of this place nearly always yields valuable information. Still, I am ashamed to admit, even to myself, that I was not expecting the things that happened.

The signal moment of the entire evening: just after I arrived, so close on my heels that I'm amazed I didn't run into him in the hallway, Light made an appearance. And a fast disappearance, of course, characterized by a sort of abject terror. It is strange, in that I intentionally did not react to the encounter, yet he behaved as though I were pursuing him.

This led to a somewhat uncomfortable conversation with the pink-haired fellow: I think he may misinterpret my behavior towards -- no, my relationship with -- Light.

I was frustrated by the encounter -- with Light, I mean -- and by hearing that Mihael had incapacitated himself. I had thought that allowing Mihael (so confident in his own theories about my methods) to look after Light for a while would probably be harmless... indeed, the worst that has happened to Light seems to be that Meile punched him, and that was not unexpected. I have even made a point of showing Mihael that a show of force from me is not forthcoming.

Yet Pink-san feels it is creating more problems? I suppose it is possible, though I don't think that such things are my responsibility; Light and Mihael chose for themselves. He thinks I should talk to Light, and seemed undaunted when I pointed out the logical difficulties of that idea.

His thinking may have been impaired by his level of intoxication. And the way one must sit on those bar stools to avoid falling off of them. I wound up escorting him back to his room, then returning to the bar.

After that, I had two interesting conversations, one with the rainbow-haired Matt, another with a different Light. I don't feel that either has much bearing on my current situation, but each brought up new topics for consideration.

Then... everything that happened with Misa. I -- what do I want? What should I do? For the moment, I just need to think about it. It's a distraction, but even I am not such a liar to myself as to claim it's an unwelcome one.

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